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Where to start... How about Equipment:
If you are a beginner to paintball and never shot a gun before, ask a friend with a gun if you can fire off 20 rounds. Just get the feel of a gun and work on some aim. If you are serious about playing and ready to spend some cash on a gun then it's time to get a gun. Anything in walmart pritty much sucks but if thats all you can afford go for it. I got a Brass Eagle Talon and its fun to play around with. You can get the pack for $30. If you want to step it up you should start looking into some cheep spyders. Spyder semi's run for around $80. I personally like the Victor II. If you don't want a semi go for an E marker. Spyder Imagine runs for $150 and is a nice gun. If you have more money you can get a higher end marker like an Impulse by Smart Parts but if your new you probably can't maintain it right. So really biginners should shoot for a spyder for $80 - $150.

2. What mask?
Well, get a mask that dosent fog and that feels good. I tryed a few masks before getting the one I have now. I really don't like the Brass Eagle mask just because it has rubber strips in the goggle strap. Some masks have tempered goggles so they don't fog. I really recomend the tempered or treated masks just because if your goggles fog you cant take them off in the middle of a game or you get kicked. Also because you can see anything with fogged goggles. You can get masks with a fan at pro shops but they run for $100+.

3. What other shit?
Well if you buy a pack you really don't need to read this. If you didnt then you need a few things.
  • A tank - You need some source of power which is usually C02. You could also get Compressed air or N02 but thats when you get a better gun.
  • A hopper - This is the thing you put your paintballs in. You attach it to the feed neck with an elbow. With better guns you need a better hopper or you will chop paint.
  • A squeege - This cleans out the barrel of you break paint.
  • A barrel condom/ barrel plug - Protects the barrel if you fire a round when you dont mean to.



4. What to wear?
If you are going out to play some woodsball wear something that wont give you away. Invest in some camo! Remember, your going to be wearing this for over 4 hours so get something comfortable. If your gonna go play speedball get a jersey. Empire, Dye, JT are some good brands.



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        N2 tank           C02 Tank

DYE Jersey