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Where can I play?

Well if you want to play paintball you need a place to play. You have a few options:
  1. A pro place
  2. Your backyard
  3. Some random woods

If you dont have the cash to play at a feild then MAKE YOUR OWN!

A Pro Place

Usually it is a great time if you go to a feild with other people. There are a few near me like Triage and Cobra Command. If you are not near a feild your going to be driving a few hours. Skirmish USA is the god of all paintball feilds. I have never been there only because it costs over $100 to play for a few houres. When I am at the poconoes I run up to the cheepest feild in the world Destination Earth located in Fernwood.

Play in your backyard
Playing in your backyard is fun if you have a shed or a jungle gym type thing. Its a blast playing 30 second games and if you get tired or hot your house is right there. My mom got mad when we shot the shed up and i had to wash the whole thing. That was the only bad part. Then we built a feild in the woods behind my house and we play on that now.
Now we can only play slingshot paintball (fun) because the nabors called the cops.

Making your own feild
Making your own feild can be fun and frusterating. First you need wood, nails, and other stuff to hide behind. A shovel and a saw wouldent be a bad idea. first draw out a plan of the area your going to build on. Mark trees and big rocks. Also mark hills and other things that would provide some cover. Time to start building! Steal some wood and find some nails/hammer. Put up boards on trees and dig a few foxholes. A big center fort/castle would be a good idea. Have fun with it and be creative. Try to build the best game possible.

Skirmish Castle


Will get picture of my field up soon!